Metropolitan Jerusalem Exploration

idit wagner | Artist statement

The Metropolitan Jerusalem project is a journey of self-discovery where I explore through art social and political issues that puzzle me. Born in Jerusalem, I felt like Walter Benjamin wandering around with my camera, like a tourist in that place I call Home. Photography is my "home medium". Holding my camera going on a project, I feel in a very high focused mode, as if nothing could blow out the bubble surrounding me. My camera allows me to attend meetings as a viewer rather than a participant; to check where I stand on controversial subjects and to phrase my own questions.

While working on that project for about a year, a pressing sense of void was formed. I felt an urge to act, to get out of my comfortable shelter behind my camera and move on to participate and initiate in community and social work, to add cracks to the wall between the Israeli Jews and the Palestinians. Viewing art works like Rashid Wached's Chic Point, visiting the “Museum on the Seam” in Jerusalem, viewing, among other works, Yael Bartana's video, The flautist from Sheikh-Jarrah, gives me hope. They succeed to evoke within me, in a very accurate manner, a felling of the need for dialog and future action.

My Neighborliness vision involves working with youth groups from Palestinian and Israeli neighborhoods in the Jerusalem Metropolitan area to build together man-sized sculptures that will stand in their neighborhood squares as an lasting reminder of collaboration. The sculptures will be made of glass and will show children playing childhood games together. Please read about it under the Neighborliness link.