2012: Jerusalem of Gold

15 Handmade Medallions.
5cm diameter. Varied thickness: 3mm to 6mm.
I am planning to make one ‘medallion’ that will be as big as the sun, or at least 120cm diameter.

The song ‘Jerusalem of Gold’ was written by Naomi Shemer after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War known as the Six Days War. The song became a symbol of the supposedly heroic achievement of occupying the Old City of Jerusalem. It depicts the nostalgic and euphoric mood of the Israelis, who could not access the Old City for 19 years (from the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, known by the Israelis as The War of Independence and by the Palestinians as the Nakba, or “disaster”, up until 1967.) During this period the Old City was occupied by Jordan and the two parts of Jerusalem – Israeli-ruled and Jordanian-ruled – were separated by a wall, which served as a de-facto border. Now, 45 years after the 1967 war, the city is being divided again by the Israeli-built Separation Wall, resembling a puzzle with so many missing pieces.

The work ‘2012: Jerusalem of Gold’ represents the contrast between the Separation Wall with its massive obstructive presence, and the promises for better times, for peace and euphoric serenity depicted in the song after East Jerusalem was “liberated”.

As an Israeli, living in Jerusalem I feel my heart is torn to pieces with each brick added to the wall, knowing it will take longer to bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians and for our communities to heal and be willing to achieve mutual goals. The Separation Wall is a reminder of the hard work yet to be done and of the necessity to treasure and pursue human dignity.

Handmade, (Thoroughly) Mixed Media. Including, Plastics, molds, gold leafing, water color, acrylic. Each medallion can be worn as a brooch, displayed with a magnet or framed.