the Native/Planted project. Olive Trees

Screening display:
nine screens showing a loop of:
eight tree videos (about 3 min. each) and one video where myself included (4:10 min).
Audio: Loop of 4 min. from scene place.

The Video “Olive Trees” is part of a project “Native/planted” where I examine various places and attach either the Native or the Planted “tag” on them. It also includes me, wandering around and “planting” myself in places, asking where I come from and what does it mean to be Native or Planted.

In this video, I filmed eight olive trees that have being replanted near Jerusalem, while they were being generously watered in the midst of summer.

This was a very sad scenery for me, watching these trees looking dead, swimming in puddles that may or may not bring them back to life. These replanted trees were surrounded by native olive trees; those are not watered as they were originally planted on the neighboring terraces. Feeling sad and sympathetic to the roots of these trees I felt I wanted to join their story. As a gesture I “planted” myself, temporarily, in a tree posture beside them.